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Spanish housing market continues to grow stronger

Spanish house prices rose by 6.49% in 2018 from a year earlier (5.25% inflation-adjusted) to €1,493 per square metre (sq. m) – the biggest annual rise since 2006, according to TINSA.

Why millennials aren’t buying homes

Limited supply has kept prices out of reach for many younger buyers
Millennials are not buying homes at the rate their predecessors did at the same point in their lives.

Immobilier : optimiser la fiscalité de son investissement à la montagne

Le statut de loueur en meublé non professionnel est le plus avantageux. Et il est possible d'y accéder de différentes façons.

5 reasons why you should be living in Marbella centre

Evenings in Old Town Marbella are enchanting with the mix of jasmine and orange blossom in the air
Marbella Centre is the place to buy your dream house. There’s always something to do and everything is designed for only the best.